Theodore Tihansky and Alison Hill

Theodore Tihansky

"Monhegan & Hoboken”

Winter/Spring 2009

Theodore Tihansky took classes at the Paier College of Art and the Lyme Academy in Connecticut as well as the Art Students League in New York City. He established a reputation as an outstanding portrait painter, and his commissions have included former presidents of the University of Rhode Island, the Naval War College and the Providence Art Club. In 1991 Tihansky was awarded the prestigious John Stobart Landscape Fellowship that enabled him to travel and paint in Washington, British Columbia, Pennsylvania, and finally Monhegan, Maine, where he currently lives. The Newport Art Museum honored Ted in 2002 with a retrospective of his work entitled "Theodore Tihansky - Diary of an Artist.” Ted has recently shown at the prestigious Cosmos Club in Washington D.C. and The Union League Club in New York City.


Having studied with internationally known teachers in both portraiture and landscape, Tihansky feels that the two are not mutually exclusive -- artists build a color vocabulary through the interchange of techniques. Ted Tihansky feels that his work is a diary of his life. "The paintings are the end products...what is important to me are the moments and experiences that I have because of my painting. The people I meet and the things I do are for a reason."


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